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By Sam - 22nd November, 2023 | Posted in Healthcare
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Introducing The DS 1000 Series of Medical Washer Disinfectors

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, efficiency, precision, and reliability are paramount. Enter the DS 1000 Series from Steelco, our range of high-performance medical washer disinfector machines with a capacity of up to 18 DIN trays designed for Private Healthcare facilities.

Offering complete washing, thermal disinfection treatment, and drying of all types of surgical instruments, these reliable, high-performance instrument washer disinfectors are available with several benefits.

Washing and Drying Efficacy

Each instrument washer disinfector in this series features a smart triple water filtering system, easily accessible from the washing chamber which captures residue to prevent re-circulation whilst extending the pump life.

Supported by a hydraulic circuit connection system between the washer and wash cart, machines provide a watertight joint for more efficient cleaning and uniform disinfection temperature coverage.

A vertically installed recirculation pump maintains a constant, high flow rate pressure to ensure excellent washing results.

All machines are equipped with a high-quality stainless steel AISI 316 washing chamber and washing arms to achieve optimal performance, with a washing and drying injection system integrated into the same circuit.

A built-in HEPA 14 filtered forced air drying system ensures the complete internal and external drying of all glassware with adjustable time and temperature settings to support the optimisation of cycle duration and energy consumption.

All of these Steelco washer disinfectors are designed with a motorised sliding-down double HST tempered glass door with a safety device to grant total visual monitoring of processes.



User-Friendly 7″ Intuitive HMI

Machines feature a Control System with a PLC touch screen panel to constantly monitor and display the current cycle status with the possibility to memorise up to 65 cycles.

A user-friendly 7″ colour touchscreen supports operators in each step of their interaction with the device with straightforward and easy-to-understand operational tasks.

Automatic Transfer System

The DS 1000 Series of medical washer disinfectors can be integrated with Steelco’s Automatic Transfer System, an automation system for loading, unloading, and transport phases, specially designed for the processing departments where time and space are at a premium.

Its high flexibility and modularity make it an ideal solution for any facility size, optimising workflow.

Integral Traceability

All machines within this series are designed to be compatible with SteelcoData suite software to support management and traceability.

SteelcoData Live instantly stores and displays the performance, and cycles performed whilst SteelcoData Pro tracks the localisation and status of sets and instruments through each stage of reprocessing.

Available Configurations

Available as a single or double-door design for barrier application, the DS 1000 Series can also be ordered in a narrow frame configuration, reducing its width to just 900mm.

Loading and unloading of washing carts can be done at an ergonomic height using manual or automatic transfer conveyors.

Comprehensive Range of Accessories

Steelco offers a complete range of accessories specially developed to meet the different treatment needs of small surgical departments all the way up to larger central sterile supply departments.

Dedicated washing carts allow several applications including surgical and MIS instruments, anaesthesia and ophthalmology instruments and containers.

Customisable Solutions

Our fantastic Projects Department can assist you when designing the perfect bespoke solution to ensure we can help you overcome any architectural limitations.

Supported by a dedicated Service Team, we will ensure your medical washer disinfector continues to operate at its highest possible potential with weekly, quarterly, biannual and annual testing (testing requirements depend on the industry of operation).

Interested in learning more about the capabilities of the DS 1000 Series and want to discuss how our expert team could help support your facility? Get in contact with us today.


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