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The Maintainer Training Course is organised by Sychem Ltd, and held at the Sychem Training Academy Centre in Hampshire, UK. All our courses are designed in a way that attendees can make the most of our practical teaching approach. Our classes are organised and run in small groups at the time, and each course is customised to fit the
requirements of our customers, of both the private and the public sector. Our Academy is also well-known for organising courses for the Ministry of Defence (MOD) with especially tailored programs to meet the need of engineers and officers of various grade.

All the training are designed according to the method-base teaching approach with plenty of hands-on workshop and practical experience. Our courses take the trainees through a complete journey aimed to provide the participants with comprehensive induction of the equipment, the operation, and the maintenance of the machine.

The programs usually starts with sessions based on the introduction of the equipment models and way of operation, followed by practical demonstrations of each component and step as described in the operating manuals. The sessions also include a 1-2-1 tutorial of technical and practical training by one of our expert leader engineer. Particular attention is given to the Weekly-test and Quarterly-test, fault finding, and alarm tester of each machine to make sure that trainees understand how to properly maintain the equipment.

The Feedback on the Maintainer Training Course

The feedback collected showed a high level of appreciation of the organisation and execution of the course. All the participants stated to be extremely satisfied with the
overall training provided. The participants rated the preparation and the knowledge of the tutors with the highest score as well as the quality of the instruments and equipment supplied for the training, and the support material (textbooks, manuals, and PowerPoint Presentations).

Sychem Training Academy - Our Mission

  • Provide participants with quality learning material with updated versions and the latest revision of textbooks and manuals
  • Offer plenty of hands-on experience for the students with 1-2-1 exercise and practice time on equipment
  • Provide the best instrument and equipment for the teaching program
  • Provide customised and personalised learning programs by making sure that each student is supplied with the knowledge level that he/she requires


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