Sychem Launches CONNECT!

Sychem is pleased to announce the launch of the company's first Newsletter for the Life Science industry! Get your first issue with LabAnimal Europe or click here to download the PDF! Stay on the top of the game with Sychem!
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Tested EFFICACY – All the phases of laboratory tests

Almost without exception many disinfectant wipes / sprays / solutions will support their antimicrobial efficacy claims with tightly controlled laboratory tests against specific microbes. These are known as ‘phase 2’ laboratory tests. Understanding ‘phase 2’ test conditions is an essential element of product evaluation and can help identify the most appropriate disinfectant for you or…
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How Sychem products interrupt microbial transmission pathways

The illustration highlights environmental surfaces, healthcare worker hands, air and direct contact as key transmission pathways in healthcare. Using a combination of Sychem antimicrobial products it is possible to target three of the four transmission pathways (surfaces, skin and air). Interrupting three of the four possible transmission pathways will have a significant impact in reducing…
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