Protein Residue Testing Vs ATP – A Comparative Analysis

The following comparative analysis was recently published by Terragene® to clarify the difference between Protein Residue Testing Vs ATP to end the confusion spread within the healthcare sector about Swab techniques and the HTM01-01:2016 requirements. To start with, it is necessary to explain that the ATP testing was born to serve a specific purpose in…

Vapor Phase Hydrogen Peroxide – Absolute 6Log 

Vapor Phase Hydrogen Peroxide: Absolute 6Log for the animal care labs  The control of microbiological contamination is crucial to ensure that production and research meet the requested parameters of quality and safety. Surface contamination has been identified as the main cause of the transmission of certain viruses and other microorganisms. Surface disinfection can be an effective measure to interrupt the spread of these…

Disinfectant Compounds & Safety Data Sheet

Disinfectant Compounds: Safety Data Sheets Revealed   To minimise the risk of contamination through one of the most common transmission pathways, surface disinfectants are an important means to achieve pathogen control within laboratory and animal facilities. Disinfectants should provide an appropriate spectrum of antimicrobial activity but at the same time, effects on human health, environmental safety and animal behaviour must…