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Water Saving for Laboratory Facilities

Water Saving - Autoclaves are the most important piece of equipment used in hospitals and research institutions to disinfect instruments and other items part of the everyday workload. The purpose of sterilisation is to destroy all living microorganisms that include spores, viruses and bacteria including those that cause infection or disease (pathogens). Although other types of…

Tested EFFICACY All the phases of laboratory tests

Tested EFFICACY All the phases of laboratory tests. How Sychem meets expectations Almost without exception many disinfectant wipes / sprays / solutions will support their antimicrobial efficacy claims with tightly controlled laboratory tests against specific microbes. These are known as ‘phase 2’ laboratory tests. Understanding ‘phase 2’ test conditions is an essential element of product…

How Sychem products interrupt microbial transmission pathways

How effective is your infection prevention policy? Our illustration highlights a variety of environmental surfaces where microbial growth can occur within a healthcare environment. That might be on staff  or patient hands, in the air and from direct contact with surfaces. Using a combination of our Sychem antimicrobial products,  it is possible to target three…