6Log Solution – Vapour Hydrogen Peroxide with Bioreset

Sychem are the UK distributors for Bioreset.  Bioreset is a effective 6Log Solution Decontamination system that uses Vapour-Phase Hydrogen Peroxide (VPHP) as a low temperature sterilising agent. Bioreset works with efficiency and speed. The environment doesn't require pre-conditioning prior to use. Bioreset requires little maintenance. Due to the speed of cycles, there is less need for costly consumables, Bioreset provides many cost savings and makes it the most convenient solution on the market.

Bioreset Antimicrobial Range

Proved Efficiency for Absolute 6Log Solution

Indicated for a wide range of microorganisms and viruses, Bioreset uses Hydrogen Peroxide ( H2O2) in vapour phase - to guarantee a uniform distribution of cover,  which is able to reach the most difficult areas within the environment. Using Bioreset vapour leads to a 6 log reduction of microorganisms on all exposed surfaces.


Excellent Compatability

Hydrogen Peroxide has chemical physical characteristics that are compatible with many materials such as metals, plastics, elastomers and all electronic devices.  The vapour phase H2O2 limits the formation of potentially corrosive liquid.



Unbeatable Speed

A wide range of applications can benefit from the low working temperatures and the efficiency of the vapour phase H2O2. This is  due to the fast cycle times that offer a rapid recovery of the production activity.

Safe to Use

Bioreset is safe for staff and is safe for the environment.  At the end of each bio-decontamination cycle, the vapour catalyses into water and oxygen, with no pollution risk


Bioreset Antimicrobial UK Supplier

Effective on all Micro-organisms

It is lethal to all known micro-organisms, chemically active against spores with proven kill rates, easy to handle and safer to use than other gaseous agents.

Effective on the following Bacteria

Bacillus, Clostridium, Mycobacterium, Listeria, Lactobacillus, Enterococcus, Staphylococcus, Enterobacter, Escherichia Coli, Klebsiella, Serratia, Salmonella, Yersinia, Legionella, Acietobacter, Pseudomionas, Acholeplasma

Effective on the following Viruses

Herpes Virus, Irido Virus, Pox Virus, Adeno Virus, Orthomyxo Virus, Paramyxo Virus, Parvo Virus, Rhabdo Virus, Flavi Virus, Arena Virus, Calici Virus, Picorna Virus, Reovirus

Effective on the following Fungi

Alternaria, Aspergillus, Blastomyces, Candida, Coccidioides, Histoplasma & Penicillum