Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Equipment and services for the effective cleaning and disinfection of medical instruments and decontamination of waste combined with sanitisation and disinfection detergents for high care areas to reduce the risk of cross contamination providing improved hygiene standards and class leading facility working practices.
Our range of hygiene monitoring equipment offers unrivalled speed of results and peace of mind for effective infection control measures.
Outstanding solutions focused on quality, safety, productivity and environmental compatibility.
Sychem can provide washer disinfectors & sterilisers for small practices, dentists and surgeries through to high productivity devices and full system planning service to support CSSD departments with customisation and optimal lay-out configurations of new facilities or refurbishment projects.
Our products include a range of autoclaves big and small and low temperature plasma sterilisers for the CSSD (Central Sterilisation Service Department), emergency rooms, operating rooms and outpatient clinics.


Sychem provide an extensive range of medical autoclaves from bench top models through to 10,000 litre + bulk loading solutions

Washing Systems

Sychem provide a range of cage, rack, bottle and tunnel washing solutions, offering high through put capacities for the busiest of biomedical support processes

Material Handling Solutions

Offering ergonomic solutions for clean and dirty bedding and waste handling processes. Reducing risk and improving department efficiencies

Barrier Containment

Reducing risk and improving bio-security via our state of the art air showers and safe lock doors


Washer Detergents

Acid, alkali and neutral cage and bottle processing detergents to compliment your new and existing washer disinfectors.