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The control of microbiological contamination is necessary to ensure that production and research meet the requested parameters of quality and safety. To maintain the required conditions and avoid the risk of microbial contaminations, periodical VPHP bio-decontamination cycles should be carried out.

Sychem Bio-decontamination Services uses Vapor-Phase Hydrogen Peroxide (VPHP) by Bioreset as a cold sterilising agent. The VPHP is lethal to all known microorganisms and chemically active against spores with proven kill rates, achieving full 6-Log reduction and offering higher levels of safety compared to other gaseous agents.

Sychem Bio-decontamination Services remove the airborne and surface microbiological contamination that affects controlled or classified environments, such as pharmaceutical, biomedical, biotechnological, animal care, health care and any other environment sensitive to microbiological contamination.

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Sychem offers a complete package of on site Bio-decontamination Services. The VPHP decontamination process resets the environment from microbiological contamination, ensuring a broad antimicrobial spectrum by reaching any surface exposed to the dry vapor.

The validation service is executed with a chemical indicator map to verify the correct distribution and microbiological indicator map (with Bacillus Stearothermophilus spores) to prove the cycle efficacy. Biological indicators are incubated at 55°C as described in the international guidelines.

The monitor service is executed with appropriate instrumentation, to check the residual Hydrogen Peroxide based on international guidelines of < 1 ppm. The whole Bio-decontamination process is managed with confidence from start to finish by specialist personnel with years of experience in decontamination services.


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