Sychem is exhibiting at the 71st AALAS national meeting 2020

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This year sees Sychem exhibit at the 71st AALAS national meeting 2020

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and for the first time in their history, the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS), has had to adapt and run a virtual meeting for 2020. In a year of firsts, this sees Sychem exhibit for the first time too, virtually, of course! Excited would be an understatement, as 2020 sees the Sychem Airflow range launched globally. The range itself includes animal transfer stations, bedding disposal stations and bedding dispensers. Commonly known as SychemCHANGE, SychemWASTE, and SychemFILL accordingly.

What is the AALAS National Meeting 2020 all about?

Each autumn since 1950, AALAS has held its annual National Meeting. During the five days of the meeting, members and nonmembers come together to enjoy the workshops, lectures, poster sessions, and exhibits. The program focusses on topics relevant to the entire membership. Exhibitors have an opportunity to interact with AALAS members from the academic community, research institutions, government organizations, and commercial companies. The AALAS National Meeting is the largest gathering in the world of professionals concerned with the production, care, and use of laboratory animals.

What can you expect to see from Sychem?

Sychem feature on booth 1004 this year, where you’ll find information the new range of airflow solutions. Complementing these systems, Sychem specialises in capital equipment, servicing and consumables- all designed to help and assist research facilities in providing the best conditions to support the welfare of animals within the care. Learn more here.

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