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Alcohol-free hand sanitiser solutions

Discover our SychemPROTECT range of alcohol-free hand sanitising and cleaning solutions.

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Our alcohol-free hand sanitiser

SychemPROTECT is an alcohol-free hand sanitiser that acts as a disinfectant and antiseptic. It is intended for use as a hand sanitising solution and offers safe & effective skin cleansing. A multipurpose solution, SychemPROTECT cleanses, disinfects and sanitises across a wide range of industries. SychemPROTECT can be used anywhere from Healthcare to Veterinary science to Food processing! It is a proven chemical solution that is safe to use in all environments, including food, animal and human. SychemPROTECT features unrivalled benefits, including:

  • The ability to kill >99.999% of bacteria
  • Destruction of encapsulated and un-encapsulated viruses
  • An Alcohol-free formulation
  • Available for use in all environment
  • Prolonged antimicrobial protection
  • Conforms to EN 1500

Why choose SychemPROTECT?

Multi-Use Hand Sanitiser

SychemPROTECT is a hand and skin sanitiser, that is available as a hand / skin wash or as a no-water skin antiseptic. SychemPROTECT range is available in a variety of sizes, based on the user's needs.

HPA Tested

SychemPROTECT has been tested by the HPA and is proven to provide prolonged microbial protection on the skin. repeated use creates a protective microbial barrier on the surface of the skin

Moisturising Properties

Our SychemPROTECT hand sanitising solution features an alcohol-free formula & moisturising properties, so the repeated application does not dry the skin as other alcohol-based products do.

Sychem Protect 600ml pump hand sanitiser foam

No Hazardous Identification

SychemPROTECT hand sanitising solution and hand wash carries no hazardous warning identification labels, and therefore is safer than alcohol-based products for use on the user's skin.

Low Cross Infection Risk

Repeated use of SychemPROTECT enables the product to build up a protective microbial barrier on the skin's surface, which in turn minimises the cross-infection risk for users.

Limited Microbial Resistance

Due to its adjuvant technology platform, SychemPROTECT's hand sanitising solution and hand wash do not suffer from any form of microbial resistance.

What do our customers think of us?

5 stars

"I’m extremely happy with the works carried out by you and your colleagues at Sychem, and we’re grateful for all your efforts thus far."

"I’m extremely happy with the works carried out by you and your colleagues at Sychem, and we’re grateful for all your efforts thus far."

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