Sychem unveils new animal care range for life sciences

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Industry-leading animal care solutions for your life sciences facility

Quite simply, Sychem provides a comprehensive range of animal care products, services, and consumables to support and assist life sciences research facilities in providing the best conditions to support the welfare of animals within the care. Whether you’re in the market for cage and bottle washing solutions, autoclaves, clean or dirty bedding handling systems, or even market-leading chemistries to maintain your bio-security level- Sychem has the answer.

Innovation is at the heart of everything Sychem do, and 2020 sees the arrival of two brand new animal care systems for life sciences.  Introducing SychemCHANGE and SychemWASTE, state of the art animal transfer stations and waste disposal units respectively. Taking the animal care solutions currently on offer from Sychem to three, the new systems complement the free-standing, clean bedding dispenser, SychemFILL, Ultimately, providing the one-stop shop when it comes to refreshing your life science laboratory equipment. 


The clean bedding dispensing system is the ideal solution for modernising your ‘cage recycling’ process within your life sciences facility. The system features ten programs that are easily adjustable, allowing you to select specific cage dispensing cycles automatically.

  • Ultrasonic dispensing, integrating mechanical and vacuum technology into one
  • Custom pre-sets and features a tidy 7’’ HMI control for displaying easy-to-use icons
  • No installation required – simply plug and play with no compressed air needed


The animal transfer station provides a hassle-free means for the end-user to keep animals happy, healthy and stress-free by moving them to a fresh clean cage easily and regularly. In order to keep both animals and humans safe, the animals are moved to the clean cages under a filtered laminar air flow, keeping all animal dander and allergens away from the technician and keeping any foreign bacteria and dander away from the animals.

  • Designed with an intuitive user interface, allowing for easy configuration and control over all parameters, while keeping relevant information a glance away.
  • With its modular design, the entire top section can be removed for easy access to the HEPA filter and internal electronics for quick and efficient maintenance.
  • Night mode – allows work area lights to change from white to red, and the touch screen interface to change a red graphical overlay. This allows the machine to be operated during the programmed night cycle, keeping disruption to animals to a minimum.


The stand-alone waste disposal unit enables a cleaner working environment for the end-user. Comes as standard with a single chute and tabletop, providing a spacious working area- ideal for handling both small and large cages.

  • No installation required – works straight out the box with training provided on request
  • Comes with pre-filters and HEPA filters for quiet air extract to remove dust and potential allergens
  • Easy-to-clean – all components are detachable and can be cleaned in a cage washer
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