Autoreader Incubator

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Sychem is the UK's largest distributor of Terragene® products and the revolutionary Bionova®. Our range offers comprehensive solutions for the steam and plasma sterilisation process, and hygiene monitoring system for the detection and quantification of surface proteins.                                                  


Autoreader Incubator IC1020FRLCD WITH COVER


Bionova® IC10/20FRLCD is an automatic system for incubation and readout of Rapid and Super Rapid Biological Indicators and for reading Hygiene Monitoring Systems. Bionova® Incubators with the use of the biological indicators and higly absorbent pen system offer a revolutionary approach for the control of the decontamination process in the Healthcare sector. The system provides results within 15- 30 minutes, depending on the use of Hygiene Monitoring System pens or the Rapid, Super Rapid or Ultra Rapid BI’s. The unit prints a receipt of each and every test with clear “negative” or “positive” results. Moreover, the system provides full traceability compliant with HTM01-01 2016 via its software and communicates directly with a PC for full data storage (optional wifi connection is also available).


MiniPro 01

For Hygiene Monitoring System

Bionova® MiniPro is designed for the measurement of the residual protein in the process of washing and disinfecting equipment and instruments and thus reducing the risk of microbiological contamination. The MiniPro allows the incubation and quantitative readout of the pen system for the detection of proteins and surface allergens. PRO1Micro is the highly absorbent pen system for the detection and quantification of surface proteins and allergens. It allows to carry out a quantitative measurement of the microgram of protein in the sample using the Bionova® MiniPro incubator. This is a revolutionary approach for the detection and quantification of surface proteins as the system provides accurate indication of the level of contamination in hospital settings. The use of this system provides full quantitative results with actual result of the Protein level on the instrument in microgram.

The results are as accurate as 0.3 microgram and the results are provided within 15 min with the MiniPro. The system provides full traceability compliant with HTM01-01 2016 via its software. It is connected directly to a PC through USB for full data storage. Also, the results are printed on a receipt with clear “negative” or “positive” results with ug result displayed. In addition, it has the option for the reprint of the last 3 results and for the verification of the remaining incubation time. Both, the unit and its software are fully compliant with HTM01-01 2016.