Electrostatic Cleaning

What is Electrostatic Cleaning & disinfection?

Firstly electrostatic is the word used to describe the process of incorporating an electrical charge into a liquid. Why is this done? When Electrostatic Cleaning technology is applied to a liquid, the droplets created when sprayed become positively charged, enabling them to stick to a surface.

Following Coulomb’s law, electrostatic attraction between two forces is directly proportional to the magnitude of the charge exerted on it. In other words, electrostatically charging a liquid enables you to make it very sticky when sprayed on surfaces.

With Sychem’s Electrostatic Cleaning technology, spray any water based liquid at a surface, and the droplets seek out the target magnetically, adhering to the surface better than ever before. This unique technology enables the users to electrically charge the inside of the droplet instead of attaching it to the outside maximising the charge.

This enables the droplets to keep their charge for longer, ensuring the full effect of the electrostatic technology. In simple terms, when you spray a solution that is correctly charged with electrostatics, the solution will envelop the targeted object allowing even challenging to reach places to be treated.

Our Most Popular Electrostatic Cleaning Devices

Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer

From just £995.00 + VAT
  • Less than 1.7 kg when empty – less then 3kg when full
  • 1 litre tank capacity
  • Cordless
  • 3-in-1 nozzle with 40, 80 or 110 microns
  • Flow Rates 82/106/325 ml/min dependent on nozzle setting used
  • Coverage 0.9-1.2 meters spray range
  • Spray pressure 8 bar
  • Easily transportable and provided with a neat carry case
  • 16.8V Lithium-Ion battery. (4 hours Spray Time / 1 Hour Charge Time)
  • Each fill allows to cover a surface. up to 260m2
Download our full electrostatic cleaning brochure here

Sychem MIST Liquid Disinfectant 5L

From just £25.99 + VAT
  • High-level broad-spectrum disinfectant explicitly designed for use in fogging machines and application sprayers

  • Kills >99.999% of bacteria

  • Destroys both encapsulated and unencapsulated viruses

  • Alcohol-free formulation

  • For use in all environments

  • Prolonged antimicrobial protection

  •  5L ready to use canister

  • Available individually or as a box of 2

  • Product Code: SYC-RTUM-5L

 Download our MSDS here and our MIST range brochure here

Electrostatic Backpack

From just £1995.00 + VAT
  • Less then 5.5kg when empty – Less then 14kg when full
  • 8 litre tank capacity
  • Cordless
  • 3-in-1 nozzle with 40, 80 or 110 microns
  • Flow Rates 106/127/370 ml/min dependent on nozzle setting used
  • Coverage 1.5-2.1 meters spray range
  • Spray pressure 12 bar
  • Easily transportable
  • 16.8V Lithium-Ion battery. (4 hours Spray Time / 1 Hour Charge Time)
  • Each fill allows to cover a surface up to 2136m2
Download our full electrostatic cleaning brochure here

Why use Electrostatic Cleaning technology when disinfecting?

The biggest challenge when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting areas is that traditional methods are outdated. Often, prone to human error, severely time-consuming, and in some cases very expensive too. With electrostatic cleaning technology, you can effectively manage the critical transmission pathways, ensuring all potential areas where harmful bacteria and viruses could be transmitted are kept clean and as safe as possible.

Traditional methods of cleaning and disinfection consider the use of:

  • Mops
  • Squeegees
  • Sponges
  • Cloths
  • Ready to use trigger sprays
  • Wipes
  • Buckets
  • Aerosol sprays

These applicators are not only challenging to qualify but increasingly challenging to manage, from a coverage, contact, and human consistency perspective. These traditional methods of chemical application present departments and facilities with a risk of contamination, HAI’s (hospital-acquired infections) and biosecurity breaches as they do not enable easy contact with all surface types. Simply put, you could have the best cleaner or disinfectant in the world but misapply it or without contact to all areas and problems start to occur. Compromises to a department’s animal health status, patients & staff’s safety, and wellbeing could be put at risk and compromised.

We offer two electrostatic cleaning devices to fit the needs of your business—a cordless, portable and compact electrostatic handheld sprayer with a 1-litre tank capacity. Then a larger, cordless electrostatic backpack sprayer, which provides maximum manoeuvrability and is ideal for larger facilities thanks to its 8-litre tank capacity.

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