Sychem Alco Hand Sanitising Gel

Why use Sychem Alco Gel as your hand sanitising solution?

ALCOHOL-based Hand sanitising Solution

Sychem Alco Gel is an alcohol-based hand sanitising gel with a built-in moisturiser. Containing greater than 70% alcohol, the gel itself kills 99.999% germs, kills MRSA, Ecoli and much more. Furthermore, it’s an inbuilt moisturiser ideal for use on hands and less skin drying when compared to many alcohol-related products on the market.

Hand Sanitising Gel

Our best selling alcohol-based hand sanitising gel


Sychem Alco Gel 5L

Sychem hand sanitising gel with built-in moisturiser

  • Active ingredient: Ethanol ≥ 70%
  • Kills 99.999% germs 
  • Kills MRSA, Ecoli, and much more 
  • Built-in moisturiser 
  • 5L container 
  • Comes as a box of 2 x 5L 
  • Product code: SYC-AG5000-K
      Download our MSDS here. 

Why choose Sychem Alco Gel for your chemical requirements?

Unique Biocide Mix

Our mixture quickly eliminates unwanted bacteria on the skin, killing MRSA, Ecoli, and much more.

Kills 99.999% Germs

Our Sychem Alco Gel kills 99.999% of germs, making this ideal for use as a hand/skin sanitiser. 

No Need For Respiratory Protection  

Not required for normal conditions of use, giving peace of mind to end user that product is easy to apply. 

Alcohol-based Hand Sanitiser

The active ingredient in our alcohol-based hand gel is ethanol ≥ 70%

No Need For Skin & Body Protection  

Under normal usage conditions there is no need for skin and body protection when using this product.

Built-in Moisturiser 

Our Alco Gel offers a built-in moisturiser which is much more skin friendly when compared to other alcohol gels on the market.

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