Sychem Alco Hand Sanitising Rub

Why use Sychem Alco Hand Sanitising Rub?

alcohol-based hand Sanitising rub

Sychem Alco Rub is an alcohol-based hand sanitising rub that kills 99.999% of germs, kills MRSA, Ecoli, and much more. Containing 70% alcohol, this hand rub is designed for use in dispensers or for use throughout facilities where hand hygiene is of critical importance.

Alco Gel Rub with tea tree oil

Our best selling alcohol-based hand sanitising rub

Sychem Alco Rub 5L

Alcohol-based hand sanitising rub

  • Kills 99.999% germs 
  • Kills MRSA, Ecoli, and much more 
  • Contains 70% alcohol 
  • 5L containers 
  • Come as a box of 2
  • Product code: SYC-HSR5000
      Download our MSDS here.

Why choose Sychem Alco Hand Sanitising Rub for your hand sanitising requirements?

Ready-to-use Sanitiser

Our Alco Rub is an an effective ready-to-use hand santiser for use in a variety of different industries and applications- ranging from care homes to food service areas.

Colourless Liquid

A viscous liquid which is easy to apply to the palm of the hands. Briskly rub a small amount between palms of hands until both are physically dry – keep away from eyes at all times.

Alcohol-based Hand Sanitiser  

With 70% ethanol content, our Sychem Alco Rub is perfect for when you require a ready to use santiser with a high alcohol content. 

Combats MRSA & Ecoli

Containing the active ingredient: Ethanol 70%, our hand sanitising rub kills MRSA and Ecoli.

Respiratory Protection

Ensure use of a CE approved respirator with organic vapour cartridge with a particulate pre-filter, type AP2.

Handling & Storage

Keep containers tightly closed and use personal protective equipment (PPE) to avoid contact on eyes and clothing.

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