COMBO – the new integrated solution for biodecontamination

Simultaneous biodecontamination of separate rooms.

COMBO is the perfect customised solution for the biodecontamination of complex spaces and volumes up to 700 m3 with fast and effective cycles. An innovative system, designed and customised to deliver the best results for production efficiency and meet the specific requirements of each customer.

How it works

A piping system with multiple injection points, combined with the use of Bioreset generators, allows the homogeneous distribution of the right amount of decontaminating agent in different areas simultaneously. Fixed installation of the generators simplifies the repeatability of the validated cycles.

Turnkey solution

Our team of expert engineers and biologists is able to face and solve even the most challenging situations, offering a consulting approach for the different phases of the project and providing a “turnkey solution”.

The benefits

• Highest level of customisation to meet the specific customer’s needs
• Direct injection into multiple environments at the same time
• Automatic biodecontamination process
• Improved distribution of the decontaminating agent compared to the use of a free-standing generator
• Reduction of time and cost of the biodecontamination process preparation phase
• Ease of use and simple process reproducibility
• Fixed installation of Bioreset generators in a dedicated area simplify repeatability of validated cycles
• Flexibility to manage cycles in the different areas – rooms or volumes – to be decontaminated
• System stability and greater control of the parameters resulting in less chance of human errors