Community and Sustainability – Charities we help

Community and Sustainability

At Sychem we profoundly believe that each of us can make the difference. We believe in community and sustainability and we aim to improve the environment and the community where we live, even to help people in countries far away from us. This aspiration has brought us to invest time and money in local initiatives to help individuals and communities. 

Our Community and Sustainability Approach

The local initiatives that we support have a positive impact to people that, unlike us, are not so lucky. These people are often the most vulnerable or the ones who life has reserved them a cruel fate. They are the people in our community, our friends or our neighbours. They are the ones affected by rare diseases and illness or just in need of support and assistance to get back on their feet.

Working within the Healthcare and Life Science industry, we support research and innovation. With our contribution we aspire to make an impact, even if small. We aim to improve the health of our employees, their families and friends and our community as a whole. Our beliefs reflect the sector in which our business operates as leading supplier of services and products for the healthcare organisations, biomedical research facilities and laboratories. Our Community and Sustainability Approach is linked to our vision for a world where disease and illness will, one day, be wiped off.

Our commitment

Throughout the years we have raised funds for causes and charities and we have helped tens of charities and research through our Community and Sustainability approach.  Each year we choose a different charity organisation and we donate the fruit of our fundraising activities. This year we have sponsored a specialist for the Wheels for the World initiative from Through the Roof and we will raise money for the homeless to donate to the Society Of St James (SSJ), which run a range of initiatives such as, Saints4Sports, Re-Fit and Jamie’s Computers to help homeless people to turn their lives around.


Wheels for the World

Wheels for the World programme restores and distributes refurbished NHS wheelchairs to disabled people in developing countries who can’t afford one. All the unwanted wheelchairs are received and prepared for transporting to a workshop part of partner prisons, where prisoners restore them, load them into containers and ship them to different locations in Africa for distribution. A typical distribution usually lasts 8 – 12 days with a team of 6- 10 people and therapists that fit all the chairs to ensure safety and comfort to the recipients.


Lucie is one of the therapist that is part of the distribution of wheelchairs in Kenya (Elburgon) from the 5th to 15th September 2018. Sychem has contributed to this initiative by sponsoring Lucie and pay for her trip to Kenya and providing the team with Sychem Control and Protect antimicrobial products to ensure protection and disinfection during the distribution time.

The next trips of Wheels for the World are:

  • Mozambique (Zambezia) - 14th to 24th November 2018 - costs tbc
  • Nigeria (Lagos) - 14th to 24th November 2018 - costs tbc

Wheels for the World teams have provided 20,000 people with a wheelchair or mobility aid over 56 distribution trips in 13 countries. But there's a huge job left to do! There is always need for professionals and funds and chairs. Getting in contact with the team or donate!

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The Society of St James

The Society of St James is a charity that provides accommodation and support to over 2500 people each year. The people that we work with often have diverse and complex issues surrounding homelessness, including substance/alcohol addiction and mental health problems. The Society of St James offers a range of services, which include supported housing for homeless people, drug services, Jamie’s Computers (social enterprise), and a specialist residential care home. 

There are a lot of reasons why someone becomes homeless and it is usually due to the occurring of a difficult event like a relationship breakdown, leaving home or care, the death of a spouse or partner or experiencing domestic violence. On the other hand, mental health problems or other health issues and even addiction to drugs and alcohol can be also be the cause of homelessness. This means that helping people out of  homelessness is about far more than simply putting a roof over someone’s head. For this reason Sychem has chosen to raise money through Tough Mudder fundraising day. We have a £1000 target and you can help to raise money by donating to our partner's JustGiving page.