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By Sam - 4th January, 2024 | Posted in All sector
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Equipment Servicing

Here at Sychem, we help ensure your equipment continues to operate at its highest possible potential with our comprehensive package of equipment servicing and planned preventative maintenance (PPM) plans for washing, disinfection, sterilisation and decontamination equipment.

Our services include planned preventative maintenance (PPM) of equipment, validation & testing, equipment refurbishment and emergency breakdown support.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Sychem expertise – we understand that PPM is paramount for decontamination equipment to ensure the effective and reliable functioning of crucial sterilisation and disinfection processes.

Regular PPM schedules help identify and address potential issues before they escalate, reducing the risk of equipment failure and ensuring that the decontamination process meets regulatory standards. This proactive approach enhances the equipment’s longevity allowing for reduced downtime.

As experts in disinfection, sterilisation and decontamination equipment and solutions, we offer fully customisable PPM packages to ensure your equipment receives the right support.

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Equipment Validation and Testing

To ensure the efficacy and reliability of your facility’s decontamination equipment, we also offer full equipment validation and testing packages.

Our team of experts ensure all of our tests are conducted per the current standard of UK regulatory authorities to meet the latest EN285, EN15883, BS2646, HTM 01-01 and HTM 2030/2010 protocols for your facility’s washing and decontamination equipment.

Sychem’s large team of service and test personnel provide the necessary equipment checks and tests required per sector of operation to provide evidence that your equipment is operating as it should be.

Our equipment and validation services can be provided independently or as part of our fully customisable PPM packages to meet the requirements of any facility.

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Breakdown and Emergency Support

With a team of over 35 highly skilled service and test personnel stationed throughout the UK, we provide breakdown and emergency support to ensure minimal downtime for your facility.

Supported by a fantastic team of office-based resource coordinators, rest assured that we will get your equipment back up and running in as little time as possible.

We identify and hold stock of routinely used parts and consumables for each piece of equipment supplied to our customers. Whether it’s valves, solenoids, seals, filters, pumps, steam traps, machine detergent, or printer paper you need, we have the answer. Holding stock of these items enables them to be readily available and delivered to the site overnight or the same day, reducing the downtime of your equipment and department.

Each of our specialist engineers are equipped with a service kit stocked with routinely used parts in case of breakdown calls. All of the parts in this kit are manufacturer-guaranteed, and our inventory of spare parts is extensive, fitting most makes of autoclaves, washer disinfectors and other decontamination equipment.

Our expert team of coordinators will respond to all breakdowns within 24 hours and aim to have an engineer on-site as soon as possible within 48-72 hours.

Out-of-Hours Support

For out-of-hours enquiries, we provide an emergency contact form that assures you can still notify us of any breakdowns outside of our standard business hours.

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Customisable Solutions

We understand that some departments may be busier than others, requiring our services more frequently which is why we offer fully customisable packages to ensure we meet your specific needs and requirements, no matter what sector you operate in. Whether you require weekly, quarterly, biannual or annual testing, we can design the perfect package for your facility.

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