How Sychem products interrupt microbial transmission pathways

How effective is your infection prevention policy? Our illustration highlights a variety of environmental surfaces where microbial growth can occur within a healthcare environment. That might be on staff  or patient hands, in the air and from direct contact with surfaces. Using a combination of our Sychem antimicrobial products,  it is possible to target three of the four transmission pathways (surfaces, skin and air).

Interrupting three of the four possible transmission pathways will have a significant impact in reducing the risk of infection to patients, visitors and staff. Healthcare facilities using Sychem’s antimicrobial technology platforms have already reported reductions in patient infection rates.

Application areas already benefitting from a Sychem ENVIRONMENT™


The healthcare market is particularly challenging from an infection prevention control perspective. Patient infections and infection related hospital deaths are high on the political agenda in many countries so there is a clear focus on preventing rather than controlling infections and infection outbreaks. To minimise the risk of patients acquiring an infection it is essential to reduce the number of microbes to their lowest possible level whilst simultaneously ensuring that disruption of recognised microbial transmission pathways takes place at every opportunity.

Healthcare is a growth market for Sychem with over 50 NHS trusts in the UK now using PROTECT, CONTROL and ULTRA Technology™ products on a daily basis and international healthcare markets are opening up as the benefits of a Sychem ENVIRONMENT™ are becoming evident.

PROTECT Technology™, CONTROL Technology™ and ULTRA Technology™ have been adopted hospital-wide and trust-wide with some very impressive results and have been credited with the following benefits;

  • Reducing the incidence of healthcare associated infections
  • Creating cleaner hospital environments and cleaner medical devices
  • Improving efficiency
  • Reduced inventory
  • Improved staff acceptance / concordance
  • Cost savings / cost benefit
  • Reducing waste

Creating and maintaining a Sychem ENVIRONMENT™ offers clear benefits to healthcare service providers and ultimately to patients, as indicated by customers’ comments.

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