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Put simply, that’s what we provide. When it comes to disinfection, sterilisation, and decontamination equipment- our specialist knowledge, skilled team, and dedication to safety make Sychem the smart choice.

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At Sychem, we provide a comprehensive range of specialist laboratory equipment for use in facilities all across the UK. We supply glassware washers and steam sterilising autoclaves suitable for all even the most stringent of processes where biosafety levels exist dependant on the nature of work being carried out. If you require any extra functionality options, we are passionate to work with you to provide the solution.


If you’re starting our a new project or looking to upgrade your capital equipment; here at Sychem we work with some of the largest private healthcare organisations within the UK. We can supply the entire Steelco portfolio of autoclaves and washers to private healthcare facilities, as well as providing tailored PPM packages to ensure your equipment never compromises your processes.

Life Science

At Sychem, we provide a comprehensive range of specialist biomedical equipment, services, and consumables to support & assist research facilities in providing the best conditions. We are official Steelco UK partners and can supply the entire Steelco portfolio of decontamination equipment, tailored Service packages as well as our own SychemFill.

The future for UV-C Disinfection

UV-C Robots are the future of mass-level disinfection. Designed to be used as part of a regular cleaning schedule, with the aim of reducing the spread of infectious diseases such as Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s). Boasting an impressive 99.99% kill rate, eliminating human error and ultimately making human environments safer.

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Offering up to 28 days persistence on surfaces following application

Sychem Control is a dual cleaner disinfectant meaning there is no need to pre-clean a surface prior to its use, saving money on detergents and on a two-step cleaning process. Note: not cleaning prior to the application of a disinfectant causes detrimental impact to the disinfectants microbial efficiency.
Anti-microbial Chemicals
The Sychem Sanitisation and Disinfection product range have excellent anti-microbial properties making them effective against bacteria, virus's and fungi.
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Decontamination Equipment
We have a whole range of decontamination and sterilisation equipment to offer including our UVD Robots, Autoclaves, Glass and Bottle washers and High level cleaning chemicals to name a few.
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Protein Detection and BI consumables
PCD’s and Biological Indicators are another step-in, ensuring decontamination equipment is working correctly and assists the department by allowing its users to quantify that the equipment is working correctly and within specifications.
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Sychem Service
People, Performance, Partnership. At Sychem, we pride ourselves on the outstanding level of service we provide to our customers. Whether you need assistance for an emergency breakdown or whether you are looking for a better maintenance and service provider, we are confident we can offer the best comprehensive solution made just for you.
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Out of hours support
With our innovative web based 24/7 out of hours contact form, we give total piece of mind that your facility and processes will never be compromised.
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