HTM01-01:2016 How to Ensure Effectiveness & Compliance

HTM01-01:2016 What is New?

Launching of the new Infection Control and Prevention Division

Sychem understands the critical time that many healthcare organisations encounter with continued changes to regulations, practices and procedures necessary to meet the recommendation of the Health Technical Memoranda. With the HTM01-01:2016 implementations for the management and decontamination of surgical instruments to be effective from 1st July 2018, healthcare facilities have faced a challenge to select a suitable compliant Protein Residue Testing System that enables quantitative results to be provided on the residual protein levels of surgical instruments. With Sychem’s help, it is finally official the arrival in the UK of the MiniPro incubator, Pro1Micro protein monitoring pen and Pro1VT validation test pen to ensure healthcare providers keep up with the required regulatory changes by implementing a safe, easy to use system with full trend analysis and archived results via the use of its complimentary software.

Healthcare providers can now achieve patient safety and clinical effectiveness within the decontamination of reusable medical devices thanks to the new system, which enable residual protein to be sampled in a quantifiable way. From August 2018, the newly launched Protein Residue Testing Starter-Pack is available for distribution nationwide.

Sychem's Starter-Pack includes a MiniPro incubator, over 100 protein monitoring pen, 20 validation test pen and a new available free download version of Bionova® Traceability Software for the auto-reader incubator.  The new improved version of the software includes a new configurable protein threshold incorporated into the printed result and new alarm before finishing the reading, as a warning for the correct interpretation of the colorimetric result. The Protein Residue Starter-pack is the easiest, fastest and most cost effective solution to achieve immediate improvement of the decontamination processes with compliant, quantitative and traceable results in line with the HTM01-01:2016.

The new product line by Terragene®, the Bionova® and Chemdye® range includes also a wide range of protein testing, biological and chemical indicators and accessories for the control of the sterilisation processes (Steam, VHP/H2O2 and Formaldehyde), and the effectiveness of surgical instrument washing and endoscope reprocessing. This range for the infection control and prevention is now available for the UK and distributed by Sychem Ltd.

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