Hygiene Monitoring System for the Proteins Residue Testing

Tissue and blood proteins are common compounds on contaminated surgical instruments. Poor cleaning can lead to proteinaceous residues. The residual protein is important because of the continuing risks of transmission of prions therefore, it is necessary to use protein detection methods to check for the efficient removal of protein from surgical instruments after processing.

 PRO1MICRO Protein residue test

Sychem Hygiene Monitoring


The Hygiene Monitoring System Chemdye® PRO1 MICRO has been designed to detect proteins and to reduce iatrogenic agents on surgical instruments after their cleaning, in real time. The system has a high absorption swab, that allows collection of samples from different surfaces with high efficacy. A visual readout of a color change indicates the presence of detectable levels of protein. Chemdye® PRO1 MICRO has high sensitivity and can detect up to 1.0 micrograms of protein.

PRO1Micro is a highly absorbent pen system for the detection and quantification of surface proteins and allergens. It allows to carry out a quantitative measurement of the micrograms of protein in the sample using the Bionova® MiniPro incubator and IC10/20FRLCD. This Pen system is designed to detect and quantify proteins, allergens and reducing agents with high sensitivity on surfaces and difficult-to access areas after the cleaning process.



  • The system has a high absorption swab which allows the collection
    of samples on different types of surfaces with the same efficiency,
    as well as a reaction solution.
  • Detection limit: 1 micrograms
  • Sensitivity: 0.3 micrograms
  • Qualitative analysis: When comparing the color obtained in the
    solution of the pencil with the reference table, a visual estimation of
    surface cleaning can be made.