Protein Residue Testing

What is Protein Residue Testing?

Protein residue testing is a chemical-based test usually associated within a healthcare setting, which is used to detect residual levels of protein on the surface of a surgical instrument that is not otherwise identifiable by visual inspection. Protein residue testing focuses on certain types of protein commonly present in blood and is an essential part of a hospital sterile services regulatory compliance.

To achieve full compliance of the latest HTM 01 – 01: 2016 for the decontamination of reusable surgical instruments, evidence of good practices is required, this includes the logging of each protein residue test carried out within the decontamination department as proof of a traceable process.

Our Most Popular Protein Residue Testing Products


High sensitivity protein residue testing pens

  • Fully quantitative and traceable results when used with Mini Pro Incubator.
  • The system has a high absorption swab which allows the collection of samples from different surfaces and surgical instruments.
  • Detection limit: 10 μg.
  • Meets ISO 15883-1: 2006 / HTM 01-01: 2016 / HTM 01-05: 2013 guidelines.

  • 100 swabs per box.
  • Product code: PRO1MICRO.
Download our full specification sheet here


Auto-reading incubator for protein residue testing

  • Results within 10 minutes.
  • 3 positions for incubation.
  • Tracebility software.
  • Thermal Printer Results.
  • User friendly & Conforms with HTM01-01: 2016.
  • Product Code: MINIPRO.
Download our full specification sheet here 


Positive negative calibration control kit

  • Easy to use with Mini Pro Incubator.
  • The Positive Control consists of a vial with a defined amount of standard protein (blue cap).
  • The Negative Control consists of a vial with a protein-free solution (green cap).
  • Provides a quantitative analysis.
  • Incubation time 10 minutes within MINI Pro Incubator.
  •  Product Code: PRO1VT.

Why choose Sychem for your Protein Residue Testing?

Affordable and HTM01-01: 2016 compliant solution

The Pro1 Micro and Mini pro is the most flexible and cost-effective solution on the market.

Suitably for use on all surgical instrument types

The system utilises traditional swab-based sampling via the PRO1 Micro to enable surgical instruments surfaces to be sampled no matter how difficult to reach the location.

Experts in our field

Experts in decontamination & Sterilisation.

On-site training

Extensive training and product support provided by our dedicated team.

Fast delivery

With hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of stock we are ready to ship same day or next day.

Highly rated service delivery

At Sychem we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Therefore, our Service Team will support and assist you at every step.

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