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Feeding bottles treatments and systems

We offer a large range of feeding bottles treatment systems, from small semiautomatic systems to a multifunctional and automated system for the simultaneous disinfection of feeding bottles and caps.

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Feeding bottles treatments and systems

We provide outstanding solutions to all facilities, including Feeding Bottles Treatments to the Life Science industry.

Sychem, winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2022, offer a range of washer disinfectors in various sizes for use within the Biomedical sector.

In an exclusive UK partnership with Steelco, we provide a range of feeding bottle solutions. From re & decapper to small semiautomatic and fully automated systems for the simultaneous disinfection of feeding bottles and caps.

The MITO FB COMBI is the most compact, multifunctional and automated system for the simultaneous disinfection of feeding bottles and caps. The system provides decapping, emptying, washing, sanitising, filling and recapping: all in one solution within the smallest footprint of 4m2. MITO FB COMBI can process over 1080 bottles per hour.

MITO PT is an automatic pass-through feeding bottle washer. The system has been designed to reach high productivity up to 30 crates per hour and is suitable for a pass-through application. In addition to the MITO FB COMBI and PT, we offer a range of semiautomatic feeding bottle washing with an integrated filling system and a range of modular units.

Our understanding and experience of the workflow within different animal laboratories and research facilities has enabled us to offer the most efficient, cost-effective and customisable solutions on the market. Enabling animal technicians to work in the safest conditions possible and provide the cleanest conditions possible for their animals.

Discover our complete range of Life Science washers here.

Key Features of Steelco’s Feeding Bottle Treatment system



High Productivity

High productivity of over 1080 bottles per hour

Compact solution

Compact solution with less than 4 m2 footprint

Flexible configuration

Suitable for in line and conventional barrier pass-through applications

MITO COMBI front closed feeding bottles treatment

All in one automated solution

Decapping, emptying, washing, sanitisation, filling and recapping

Advanced control system

The machine constantly monitors and displays the current cycle status and alarms.

Robot technology

This system can be integrated with robotised features, or automated loading/unloading

Feeding bottles treatments and systems

Take a look at our extensive range of automated and semiautomatic washers & modular units by our Italian manufacturing partner Steelco

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Washing-and-decontamination-in-Life-Science Steelco

Washing and decontamination in Life Science Steelco

Equipment and solutions for Life Sciences Steelco

Equipment and solutions for Life Sciences Steelco


Maintain your equipmetn!

Sychem has a team of 25+ Service and Test engineers based across the UK. Here at Sychem, we will not only install your equipment, we will ensure that it continues operating at its maximum efficacy by offering a range of Servicing options, including Validation & Testing, Breakdown & Emergency Support, Refurbishing, Spare parts and SychemEYE,  all available in our fully customisable Planned Preventative Maintenence (PPM)  packages, tailored to suit the needs of your facility.

Steelco S.p.A and Sychem have worked in partnership since 2008 to offer an extensive range of equipment, find out more about our partner Steelco and our complete equipment portfolio.

Visit the Steelco website for more information on their complete range of Feeding Bottles Treatment for use in the Life Science sector.

AC 8500 MITO FB AC 3500 clean side Astra Zeneca

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