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Large Range & Automated Tunnel Washers

We offer a wide range of large capacity cages & racks washers and tunnel washers to support the throughput of medium and large size facilities.

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Large Range & Automated Tunnel Washers

Outstanding solutions for medium to large facilities, including our range of Automated Tunnel Washers for use in the Life Science industry.

In an exclusive UK partnership with Steelco, we provide a range of high capacity and tunnel washers for life sciences and research applications.

The AC 7500-8500 series is a compact range of heavy-duty, large capacity, hydro-spray, steam or electrically heated cage and rack washers. This range has two side heated water tanks and two dosage units offering flexibility in cycles. AC7500-AC8500 offers excellent wash results in short cycles because multiple oscillating spray arms provide continuous and complete chamber coverage.

AC 3500 tunnel washer provides flexible solutions by its modular design and is compatible with most cages on the market. The system is composed of modules with specific functions: loading, pre-was, acid/alkaline wash, rinse & final rinse, drying and unloading.


Features & Benefits

Large capacity heavy duty washers



AC 7500 - AC 8500 are available as double or single door versions.
The doors can be stainless steel door with inspection window or full glass.

High efficiency

Running cost saving of up to 95% compare to conventional design. 95% water & energy saving and 75% time saving.

Oscillating spray

Multiple oscillating spray arms guarantee a complete and continuous coverage of the load and the chamber providing excellent wash results in a short cycle time.

AC 8500 3 4 closed

Multi stage filtration

AC series washers are fitted with a 3 level multi filtration system. Gross and fine filters are located in the bottom of the chamber, and extra fine filter is placed in he inlet of the wash tank.

Airtight chamber

Offers the possibility for the machine to be used for/with hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide, chemical fogging and thermal disinfection with clean steam.

NHP Option

The NHP option is equipped as standard with 3 pre heating water tanks and 2 dosing pumps resulting in great flexibility in cycle setting.

Large Range & Automated Tunnel Washers

Our high capacity solutions  for Life Sciences Applications

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