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Medium & Large Capacity Autoclaves for Healthcare & Pathology

We provide a comprehensive range of medium and large capacity Steelco Healthcare & Pathology autoclaves for hospital central sterile services departments (CSSD) and decontamination services units.

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Medium & Large Capacity Autoclaves for Healthcare & Pathology

We can provide a comprehensive range of solutions, including our diverse range of medium to large capacity autoclaves.

In partnership with Steelco, we provide a full range of high capacity steam sterilisers for use in private healthcare CSSD and decontamination services units from small facilities to large central sterilisation supply departments. The VS ranges offer the best in class solutions for the reduction of energy and water consumption to give the users the lowest operating cost per load.  Our medium capacity range has been designed for the processing of 4STU up to 14 STU per cycle. While our large capacity range can process up to 18 STU per cycle. All autoclave chambers are made of AISI 316L stainless steel and are entirely covered by a high-efficiency jacket to ensure fast heating and reduced cycle times. This ensures even heat distribution and reduced electricity consumption for heating and cooling.

2020 Sychem was awarded the NHS framework for Pathology and Point of Care Testing, Associated Equipment, Instruments, Consumables, Accessories, and Managed Services. Therefore, we are providing pathology laboratories with a range of decontamination equipment. Discover more about our Medical Autoclaves for Healthcare and Pathology here.

Key Features

Steelco VS L 12-18 H Series


Horizontal sliding doors from 12 up to 18 STUs 3 chamber sizes with volumes from 905 to 1344 litres

Multiple Loading Options

Steelco's range includes accessories to improve the efficiency of the CSSD including loading carts, systems for stacking baskets and containers, semiautomatic transfer trolleys with adjustable height, as well as conveyors, windows and pass-through hatches.

Process Quality Focus

Improved safety and quality of performance including better steam quality through separate direct injections of steam and high efficient heat transfer jacket system.

Autoclave healthcare bulk capacity washer VS 12H & VS 18H 01

Eco Friendly Efficiency

Unrivalled levels of efficiency, reduction of energy and water consumption with lowest operating costs per load. Eco1 offers a reduction in water consumption on average of 35%.

Automatic Transfer System

VS L series can be integrated with Steelco's ATS Automatic Transfer System. This system has been specially designed for departments where time and space are critical.

Layout Optimisation

We can provide 3D architectural planning services to support CSSD team managers in customising layout configurations for new or refurbishment projects.

Medium and Large Capacity Autoclaves

Autoclaves for hospital central sterile services departments (CSSD), decontamination services units and pathology laboratories.


Auctoclave Medium Capacity Healthcare brochure

Medium and Large Capacity Steam Sterilisers Healthcare Brochure


Maintain your equipment!

Sychem are Steelco’s number one leading provider of decontamination equipment to Private Healthcare facilities within the UK. Together, we supply some of the most prestigious hospitals and medical facilities with equipment, servicing and consumables to support CSSD departments nationwide.

Sychem has a team of 25+ Service and Test engineers based across the UK. Here at Sychem, we will not only install your equipment, we will ensure that it continues operating at its maximum efficacy by offering a range of Servicing options, including Validation & Testing, Breakdown & Emergency Support, Refurbishing, Spare parts and SychemEYE,  all available in our fully customisable Planned Preventative Maintenence (PPM)  packages, tailored to suit the needs of your facility.

Steelco S.p.A and Sychem have worked in partnership since 2008 to offer an extensive range of equipment, find out more about our partner Steelco and our complete equipment portfolio.

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