HTM01-01:2016 How to Ensure Effectiveness & Compliance

HTM01-01:2016 What is New? Launching of the new Infection Control and Prevention Division Sychem understands the critical time that many healthcare organisations encounter with continued changes to regulations, practices and procedures necessary to meet the recommendation of the Health Technical Memoranda. With the HTM01-01:2016 implementations for the management and decontamination of surgical instruments to be…

SychemEye IPR Independent Product Release

SychemEye IPR - Independent Product Release Sychem's Independent Product Release, SychemEye IPR, is a cutting edge technology that provides customers with fully compliant solutions that improve, enhance and simplify hospital infection monitoring applications. SychemEye Independent Product Release (IPR) is a single monitoring package that displays and collates data from multiple manufacturers, removing the need for…

Are you a Animal Technologist?

We need You! We are looking for animal technologists responsible for the day-to day needs of animals and animal welfare in the laboratory.  If you work in a University research facility, teaching Hospital, Veterinary College or Pharma company, you can be part of one of our case studies to find out how to improve the effectiveness of your decontamination processes and show the commitment of your institution or organisation in caring for the animal welfare. Email to [email protected]