Bottle Processing System – Bespoke solution

Bottle Processing System - The processing of animal drinking bottles is a labor-intensive task at the very best of times. It doesn’t matter how large or small your facility is, the changing of drinking water bottles is a task that most technicians find the least enjoyable.
Give a thought to those poor techs… the collection of the bottles, the decapping, the emptying of residual water, washing, rinsing, refilling and recapping are all activities that are extremely time absorbing and labor intensive. I think it is fair to say that anybody that has done it would be lying if they said the process did not leave them with aches and pains caused by the repetitive nature of the process.
Of course, in today’s day and age, you would expect there to be a solution to such problem... Step forwards, Sychem and the MITO COMBI complete bottle processing system by Steelco Spa. At Imperial College London, Sychem provided a solution for the bottle processing that could meet the staff needs. From a first review of the facility's
current situation through to detailed throughput analysis of bottle types and quantities to be processed, Sychem worked closely with the team to ensure the correct solution was selected to meet the current and future needs of the department.
The MITO COMBI, Bottle Processing System, is a state of the art, compact, complete solution that caters for every step of the bottle change process with a throughput speed of 1080 bottles per hour. The MITO COMBI does all the hard work so you don’t have to.

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