Lab 640 Installation – a new generation of washer disinfectors

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The Lab 640

Our client had installed a old washer disinfector supplied by Sychem over 11 years ago. The machine was a old generation washer disinfector that could not cope with the work load of the facility anymore. Sychem, as the service and product supplier for this client, suggested to upgrade the equipment to a new generation of incredible versatile and flexible washer disinfectors. The upgrade to this new washer would have provided the facility with a better solution for all their needs. Sychem engineers took the old machine out and installed a brand new Steelco Lab 640; a large capacity, fully automatic frontal loading laboratory glassware washer aimed to satisfy medium/large size facility needs.
This washer was suggested because it is equipped with a motorized vertical sliding down door thus allowing the reduction of the space needed in the washing area. This unit is capable of injection washing and drying on up to 3 levels on 4 possible rack locations, providing maximum flexibility through multiple chamber configurations, depending on the height of the loaded items. All the levels are equipped with telescopic bearing rails that enable easy and safe loading and unloading of the rack.

The Steelco LAB 640 is equipped with a full visibility glass door and a easy access drawer on-board chemical storage. The optional filtered forced air drying system with adjustable time and temperature settings help to ensure the complete inside and outside drying of the loading.

The Installation

The installation of the new Steelco Lab 640 washer disinfector was planned and delivered at the beginning of 2018. The installation took 3 days in total; two days for the removal of the old machine and installation of the new one, plus one day for the commission (testing).

The removal of the old equipment and the installation of the new washer had no particular challenges however, the team had to be aware of the safety and security procedure and processes in place within the facility due to the high bio-sefety level of the site.

Sychem's team of engineers and project manager worked closely with the customer to plan the installation, minimising any disruption to the staff and to maximise the pace of work of Sychem's engineers during the opening hours of the facility. Sychem's Lead Installation engineer overseen the planning and coordination of the installation, which included also identifying the easiest route for the machine to reach the washing area through the air lock and decontamination bays.

After removing the old equipment the new washer Lab 640 was easily set up by using the existing service and drains attachments. The machine was immediately ready for use thanks to the pre-programmed cycles available. The easy to customise programs also offered the staff great flexibility for the washing of a wide range of items, including glassware, laboratory footwear and even fish tanks, accommodating any work load with different washing cycles up to 85 degrees.

The facility staff was extremily pleased with the quick installation and all the extra features of the Lab 640. Especially, the new automatic sliding door that has allowed the staff to load the rack with much ease unlike to the old equipment, which required the use of a bulky trolley to load the rack.

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