VS 1TT L Small Lab Steriliser Device – Small Labware Loads

VS 1TT L Small Lab Steriliser Device

STEELCO VS1 TTL is perfect solutions for the smallest laboratories and research facilities. These steam steriliser autoclaves make the workloads easy to manage, thanks to their versatility and great performances. The everyday job is just a fingertip away from effortless operation.

New Steelco autoclave’s chamber is made of AISI 316L stainless steel and a full jacket system for even steam/heat distribution.

Versatility, easy handling and high performance with the low cost of ownership of a tabletop steam steriliser unit, to single or double door versions.

• All in one compact solution for easy installation into existing rooms
• EN 285 compliant: 3 process cycles and Bowie-Dick, Helix test cycles
• 8 additional custom cycles


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