AC 7500 Rack Washer – Heavy Duty/High Capacity Washer



AC 7500 Rack Washer

The AC 7500 series cage and rack washer are a heavy duty, large capacity, hydro-spray, steam heated washer specifically designed to support the throughput of medium and large size facilities. The machine is standard equipped with two preheating water tanks and two dosage units resulting in great flexibility in cycle development.

Frontal access to all major service components enables installation in restricted spaces.

The rinse circuit is totally separate from the wash line. Multiple oscillating spray patterns guarantee a complete and continuous coverage of the load and the chamber providing excellent wash results in a short cycle time.

The AC 7500 washing chamber depth dimensions is 2250mm (88.58”), both in single or double interlocked hinged door(s). Double door versions are also suitable for single sided operation. Standard doors are made of stainless steel AISI 316L with glass inspection windows, as option, in the full visibility glass door.



»Automatic manifold for trolleys equipped with spray arms or injection systems (optional for feeding bottles treatment).
» Flush self-cleaning filter for the recirculation of the washing water.
» Double chemical control dosing system.
»Data storage system and process control.
» Operator multi language touch screen control with auto-diagnostic checking that constantly monitors and displays current cycles status and alarms, allows to optimize the washing process and to personalize programs on board of the machines. Up to 65 washing and rinsing programs available: 5 service programmes, 10 memorized programmes and 50 free programmes.

The AC 7500 air-tight chamber allows the device to be used not only for wash but also as:
• Hydrogen Peroxide or Chlorine Dioxide decontamination pass-through chamber;
• Chemical fogging chamber when fitted with a circuit of atomizer spraying disinfectant and compressed air
within the chamber;
• Thermal disinfection (clean steam) chamber;

External dimensions AC 7500/2:
W 2200mm/865/8" x D 2490mm/98" x H 2440mm/961/16"

Chamber Depth: 2250mm (889/16")

Door passage WxH: 1170mm (461/16") x 2150mm (845/8")
Pit depth: 100mm (315/16")


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