Automation Bedding Filling Station


Automation Bedding Filling Station

Sychem has designed and developed the Automation Bedding Filling Station system able to load the bedding dispenser in the most efficient way. This system consists of a hopper, complete with bulk bag handling, and a loading station.  The bulk bag discharger is a fully self-contained unloading station with controllable bulk bag emptying.  It has an integral 'I' beam and hoist for loading bags into the discharger and is directly connected to an enclosed conveyor for direct transfer of product to the BD9001US dispenser. Bulk bags may be brought to the discharger by pallet truck and stored ready for lifting without the need for fork lift truck assistance.

The BD9001US dispenser is coupled directly to the conveyor system which is fed via the bulk bag delivery hopper, the bulk bag system incorporates a hoist for bag emptying. The hoist system features an electronic winch system to allow new tote bags to be hoisted over the hopper and fresh bedding to enter the system.

Bulk Bag Layout 2The Low-Level Model T6 Bulk Bag Discharger with integral hoist

Provides the ideal solution for a safe and controlled discharge of product.  The bag loops are attached to a lifting frame at ground level and lifted into the discharge frame using an integral chain hoist and runway beam. The system incorporates various standard features to which optional modules may be added as required.  The system will accommodate most types and sizes of bulk bag provided these are clearly defined.  The system is easily controlled by one operator.



  • Enclosed, contamination-free handling
  • Mechanical assist system
  • Minimum horsepower and energy consumption
  • Handles a variety of bedding materials
  • Minimum noise level
  • Gentle conveying action - minimized product disturbance
  • Round construction minimizes residual accumulation and build up
  • Modification to top hopper of BD9000US to include control valve for bedding feed.
  • Unit Fitted with One level probe for empty bag alarm and One low level probe

 Bulk bag handling features:

  • Space saving integral bag hoist with runway beam
  • Integral conveyor or feeder
  • Quiet operation
  • No fork lift truck required
  • Bag spout pinch mechanism for easy bag opening

Control Panel

A Control panel is fitted, adjacent to the Support Frame. This panel encloses the switch gear for the Discharge screw motor, the Hopper condition sensors and the interface controls for the Bedding Dispenser.

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