• Vacuum removes surface dust from bedding
  • Loading support shelf to support bedding bag whilst refilling
  • Powerful fans prevent dust exposure and include clean in place filters
  • No installation required only requires 13amp domestic electrical connection which makes it quiet and energy efficient
  • Sychem's bedding dispenser has an innovative touch screen display
  • Ultra-sonic sensors means no touch dispensing of the bedding
  • Dual dispense valves means you can process two small cages at once
  • Unique clean down system allows you to clean the in place filters without removing them

New Features

  • Larger casters, with locks on the front.  Now easier to use.
  • Clearance from the floor to the underside of the machine increased so the machine will not ground on ramps
  • New LED strip, behind the chutes, provides increased illumination of the cage area (no longer colour changing)
  • Top lid is recessed, so the edge cannot be seen – much better finish
  • Larger colour touch screen
  • Larger Filter and higher extract air-flow. Filter now mounted opposite the operator to be easily changed. Filter has a mesh cover, so can be vacuumed
    without damaging the filter material
  • Cage fill area more enclosed, to improve the air extract


Sychem’s BD9001 Ultrasonic bedding dispenser has been recently redesigned to best meet the needs of the end-user. Having reviewed and discussed with a group of end users, our design team were able to combine the best features of the bedding dispenser and wish of our clients.

We redesigned & engineered the BD9000US bedding dispensing system with not only a unique modern stylish appearance but introducing new control methods and technology to simplify use, shorten the dusting process and reduce RSI’s.

The BD9001US Bedding Dispenser has the option to input an auto feed system of the preferred bedding type. The bedding is fed through the system practically, efficiently and effectively. This assists massively in reducing dust contamination as the bedding is fed through pipes, which mean the heavy, or light free flow bedding is continuously contained until it is dispensed, where still minimal dust is dispersed. The auto feed system allows for rapid filling, dispensing and fast transfer of the bedding from the bottom hopper to the top. The bedding dispenser and auto feed system have been identified as one of the most prestigious and unique products on the market today and is a distinct innovation for Sychem. 

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