Bowie & Dick Test Pack BD125X/2P

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Bowie & Dick test pack chemical indicator for sterilization processes

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Chemdye® Bowie & Dick Test Pack detects air leaks, inadequate air removal and steam penetration level in vacuum-assisted steam sterilizers. The Chemdye® Bowie & Dick Test Pack consists of a chemical indicator sheet (125 mm x 125 mm) between porous material
sheets and wrapped forming a package, with a steam indicator label.
The central sheet with a regular pattern, corresponds to a Bowie & Dick classic indicator, i.e. BD Test Sheet. The chemical indicator changes from purple to green when processed. Any unexpected color change, such as lighter areas in the center of the sheet or different colors in the edges (i.e., non-uniform color change) indicates an air pocket during the cycle due to sterilizer malfunction.
Bowie & Dick Test Pack should be used daily, before running the first load of the day, after a sterilizer is installed or relocated, after a sterilizer malfunction, after sterilization process failures, and after any major repairs of the sterilizer. A shortened cycle (i.e., a cycle omitting the post-vacuum drying phase) should be run first to properly heat up the sterilizer.


  • Type 2 Chemical Indicator
  • Initial Color: purple
  • Final Color: green (should change homogeneously in the whole sheet)
  • Size: 16 mm x 125 mm x 125 mm
  • Assembly: 26 permeable barriers - 1 Glassine paper - 1 B&D Test Sheet - 26 permeable barriers. Wrapped with crepe paper. Permeable barriers: 200 g/m2.
  • B&D Test Sheet: 240 g/m2.
  • Weight per unit: 157 g.
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