Acid cage wash detergent / descaler


What is it

Acid detergent and heavy duty descaler which is ideal for use on cage
washers, bottle washers and rack washers for removal of organic soiling
and uric scale from caging and associated equipment.
Can be also used for descaling hard water mineral deposits and is safe to
use on aluminium, glass, stainless steel and plastics.
Available sizes and formats;
4 x 5 Litre Pack, 10 Litre, 20 Litre
& 200 Litre drum complete with transport bund.


Cage Wash 1 is economical, versatile and has multi-surface use, suitable on both
hard and soft water applications.
It prevents & removes scale build-up and is ideally suited to hard water due to
its scale removing properties and excellent rinsing capabilities.
Suitable for use on low temperature washing below 50oC.

How to use

1. For best results use in conjunction with an automatic chemical dosing system.
2. On typical applications dose at 0.35% - 1%, this dose rate will be dependant on soiling level
and water conditions.
3. Optimal results require detergent tank water to be maintained at 60oC - 70oC.
4. For soak treatments on heavy scale use 50-100ml per litre (5-10%), more than one treatment
maybe required for heavy scale build-up.
5. Ensure you rinse thoroughly.

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Additional information

Container Size

10 L, 20 L, 200 L, 4×5 L Packs, 60 L

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