Chemical Strip CD20 STEAM

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Multi-variable chemical indicator strip for  sterilization processes

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Chemdye® Multi-variable Indicators have been designed to react to Steam
sterilization processes within loads, ensuring an adequate control of the
effectiveness of sterilization processes (temperature, time and steam
quality). Chemdye® CD20 Multi-variable Indicators have been
manufactured with an innovative ink tecnology, highly sensitive to steam
quality and air presence within the load.
The purple ink was developed to turn to green when the process reaches
the stated values of the critical process variables. Multi-variable indicators
allow to rapidly detect whether the critical parameters of the sterilization
process for which they have been designed to respond have been reached.


  • Type 4 Multi-variable Chemical Indicator.
  • Strips printed with indicator ink.
  • Size: 105 x 18 mm
  • Initial color: purple. Final color: green
  • 100 % Toxic Heavy Metals free
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