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Chemdye® CDWA indicators consist of a 70 x 30 mm temperature stable support
containing a mixture of specially combined natural colored components (proteins,
carbohydrates, fatty acids, and dyes). In all cases, indicator colored test soil is non-toxic,
dissolves with most of the cleaning agent and is swept along with the washing fluid. CDWA
cleaning indicators formula allows detection of all the factors that affect the outcome of the washing process. CDWA indicators can be used for routine control of cleaning processes and allow monitoring of washing effectiveness in automatic machines with different washing configurations.
CDWA cleaning system offers two different levels of cleaning with different adhesion
characteristics, thus allowing different challenge levels to test cleaning efficacy. The
indicators efficiency is validated by comparing against the test soils detailed in ISO/TS
15883-5:2005 standard annexes.


  • Challenge level: high
  • Allows detection of all factors affecting the outcome of cleaning process
  • Initial Color: blue
  • Size: 70 mm x 30 mm
  • Synthetic temperature-stable support.
  • Result: elimination of blue organic substance.
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