What is it

Hospital HTM 2030 washer disinfector rinse water additive, ideal for
use in all types of washer disinfectors found within hospital CSSD &
TSSU departments.
Used to accelerate drying, remove all alkaline and other inorganic
deposits on surgical instruments and associated loads. Leaving items
clean, streak free with no residues.
Available sizes and formats;
4 x 5 Litre Pack, 10 Litre & 20 Litre.


CSSD Wash is caustic free, economical, versatile and has multi-surface use.
Suitable on both hard and soft water applications. It is phosphate free and fully
The surfactants reduce the surface tension of rinse water to allow greater
drainage to occur. Thereby accelerating evaporation and eliminating spot-like

How to use

1. On typical applications dose at 2.5% depending primarily on the nature of the surface and the efficiency
of the detergent cycle.
2. Optimal results require rinse water to be maintained at +82oC.

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