Hospital detergent for surgical instruments



What is it

Hospital HTM 2030 washer disinfector detergent, ideal for use in all types
of washer disinfectors found within hospital CSSD & TSSU departments.
Used to clean all associated surgical instruments and associated loads.
Available sizes and formats;
4 x 5 Litre Pack, 10 Litre & 20 Litre.


CSSD Wash is caustic free, economical, versatile and has multi-surface use.
Suitable on both hard and soft water applications.
Safe on aluminium, rubber & plastic. CSSD Wash is phosphate free and fully
biodegradable with excellent rinsing capabilities.

How to use

1. On typical applications dose at 1% depending primarily on the nature of the surface and the efficiency
of the detergent cycle.
2. Optimal results require detergent tank water to be maintained at 60-70oC.

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Additional information

Container Size

10 L

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