Decontamination Chamber – For VHP generators


Decontamination Chamber

The Chamber is an interlocking door chamber that may be used with multiple decontamination methods. The decontamination lock can be integrated with any type of existing vapour generators.

Decontamination Lock access doors are equipped with two independent integral inflatable gaskets. Gaskets are separately controlled.

Steelco Decontamination Lock is equipped with control panel that allows the setting of the cycle and the monitoring of the entire process.

Decontamination Lock is available with integrated HPV generator.

External dimensions</strong>: W 2200 mm (86.61"), D 2314 mm (91.10"), H 2440 mm (96.06")

Chamber dimensions</strong>: W 1100mm (43.30"), D 2076 mm (81.73"), H 2150mm (84.65")


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