Helix Process Challenge Device CDPCD2X15/M



Helix process challenge device for  or  or  or  sterilization processes

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Chemdye® Helix-PCD devices have been designed to evaluate the penetration
capability of the sterilizing agent (Steam, Ethylene Oxide, Formaldehyde and
Hydrogen Peroxide). For a successful sterilization, the sterilizing agent must
contact all external and internal surfaces of the item to be sterilized. To achieve
this, air and other non-condensable gases (NCG) must be evacuated from the
sterilizer chamber prior to the sterilant injection. Chemdye® Helix-PCD devices
simulate hollow instruments of different levels of complexity allowing testing of
the penetration capability of the sterilizing agent.


  • Metal capsule of great resistance and durability, to hold a chemical indicator designed for this system.
  • The capsule is connected to a high resistance plastic tube of 1.5 m length and 2 mm internal diameter.
  • Two special silicone connectors coated by external connector.
  • Chemical indicators designed for Helix-PCD system: PCD-A-3.5 / PCDA-5.3 / PCD-A-7.0 / PCD-A-9.0 / PCD-A-18 (STEAM)
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