Indicator Ink IKW4 for Washing Efficiency

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Indicator ink for washing efficiency tests in washer-disinfectors

Applicable regulations: ISO 13485:2012, ISO 9001:2008.
Initial color: Fuchsia. Final color: without color.
Exposure conditions: 35 KhZ / 20°C – 65°C. Units per box: 2 x 10ml.

Chemink® IKW4 washing Indicator Ink contains 10 ml of a mixture of colored components (proteins, sugars and colored fatty acids) specially designed to monitor the washing efficiency in thermal disinfection washing machines. IKW4
poses a high challenge to the washing process and it can be removed from metallic surfaces. Washability depends on the presence, type and concentration of detergent; temperature and pressure of the washing solution and cycle time.
The IKW4 ink could also be used for validating cleaning processes in ultrasonic washing machines, operating at frequencies equal to or greater than 35 kHz, between 20 ° C and 65 ° C, in synergy with detergents suitable for this process.


  • Washing Indicator Ink contained in a glass bottle with applicator brush.
  • Volume: 10 ml
  • Initial Color: fuchsia
  • Result: elimination of fuchsia organic substance.
  • Important: IKW4 Indicator Ink should be used as a validation tool for
    washing processes. Its application, the amount placed and sites where
    adhered depend on the user. It is recommended for use in difficult-towash
    areas of metallic surgical materials.
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