LAB 610  Glass Washer – Small/Mid Capacity Series


LAB 610  Glass Washer - Small/Mid Capacity Series

LAB 610  Glass Washer laboratory glassware washer is a larger model, frontal loading, with HEPA-filtered forced air drying and up to three washing/drying levels on four available positions. This machine can be used to clean large bottles (20, 50, 60 lt./5.28, 13.20, 15.85 Gal US).


• Washing and forced hot air drying system on four independent levels.
The two upper levels can be placed at either one of three different water/air connections depending on the height of the loaded glassware.
• High visibility hinged full glass door
• Sliding drawer for storage of chemical containers (up to three 5 lt/1.32 Gal US)

lab 610 specifications


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