LAB 640 Free Standing Glassware Washer


LAB 640 Free Standing Glassware Washer

The LAB 640 Free Standing Glassware Washer  can be adapted to be an aquatic tank washer or feeding bottle washer.  The LAB 640 Free Standing Glassware Washer is a vertical sliding down door model, with HEPA-filtered forced air drying and up to three washing/drying levels on four available positions.

The filtered forced air drying system with adjustable time and temperature setting, helps to ensure a complete drying, inside and outside, of all the glassware.

Single pass final rinse: LAB 640 washer can be equipped with a non recirculated final rinse hydraulic circuit option.

• Washing and forced hot air drying system on four independent levels The upper levels can be docked to three different water/air connections depending on the height of the loaded glassware.
• Vertical sliding down full glass door.
• Steelcotronic control system with industrial PLC, 5,7” touch screen display. Up to 65 washing programs for laboratory glassware.
• Hinged door for access to storage of chemical tanks (up to two 10 lt/2.64 Gal US)


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