LAB 900 Glass Washer – High Capacity Series


LAB 900 Glass Washer - High Capacity Series

The LAB 900 Glass Washer high capacity glassware washer has been developed for laboratories that are required to clean large quantities of items on a daily basis. The device incorporates a powerful filtered hot air drying system.

The device allows the simultaneous use of up to three injection washing carts on four levels. The upper levels can be placed at different water/air connections depending on the height of the loaded glassware. The LAB 900 accepts a variety of interchangeable standard and injection baskets and is capable of cleaning bottles and carboys up to 100 lt / 26.42 Gal US capacity.


• Washing system on four independent levels
The upper level can be docked to three different water/air connections depending on the height of the loaded glassware
• Two automatic dispensers for liquid chemicals
• Sliding up, full glass door
• Storage space for chemical tanks (up to three 10 lt/2.64 Gal US)


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