Product Overview

The Bionova MiniPro is our auto-reading incubator for protein residue testing. It’s unrivalled quality, makes it the smart choice, when it comes to choosing your incubator. Technological advances on this system, produce results within ten minutes. Combined with an acoustic alarm that rings thirty seconds before end of testing. Our incubator harnesses some of the best software on the market, brought to you by Bionova. What’s more, it’s fully HTM01-01: 2016 compliant and extremely user friendly- with set up and installation provided by Sychem, on request.

Product Details

Size (mm): Length: 180 x Width: 190 x Height: 180

Weight: 1401kg

Key Benefits

• Results within 10 minutes.
• 3 positions for incubation.
• Traceability software.
• Thermal Printer Results.
• User friendly & Confirms with HTM01-01: 2016.

Shipping Information

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Additional Information

For incubation and quantitative readout of:
Pen system for the detection of surface proteins and allergens Chemdye® PRO1 MICRO: 10 min. At 60ºc.
Designed under Quality Management System standards ISO 13485:2016/NS-EN ISO 13485:2016.
3 positions (2.5 cm depth, 1.3 cm diameter) for incubation and transmittance readout of hygiene indicators.
Orifice for external thermometer.
Built-in top cover
USB connection for recording results on PC using a Readout and Traceability software.
It allows to incubate and read 3 indicators simultaneously.
Thermal Printer results.
Sound alarm for indication of events.
Firmware update by the user
Dimensions: 102 mm high, 156 mm wide and 146 mm deep
Voltage Range: 100 - 240 V AC.
Power: 28 W.
Frequency: 50-60 Hz.
Envrionmental conditions during manufacturer:
Room temperature 15-35 ºc, RH 35-85 %
Storage conditions
T = 10-30 ºc, RH 30-80 %, keep in a dark place.
Transportation conditions:
Storage conditions should be strictly followed. The product should be transported in closed and reinforced boxes in order to avoid damages. Product transportation does not represent any risk for human health.
Shelf life:
5 years.
1 unit per box. Packing information: product code and description, storage conditions and manufacturer information.
Same label on product and product’s box: product code and description, storage conditions, batch number, serial number, barcode and manufacturer information.
Possible target markets:
Healthcare, Food, Pharmaceutical and medical devices industries.
Other important information:
The Bionova® minipro has a button for each reading position that allows the selection of the program and starting it.
The Bionova® minipro has an automatic readout system and a printer to record the data.
In addition, it has a button for the reprint of the last 3 results and for the verification of the remaining incubation time.
Description of identified and/or predictable risks which could represent a risk for the product:
Do not pour any liquid inside.
Do not immerse into any liquid.
Only for indoor use.
Disconnect the power cord before cleaning.
Do not use abrasive or corrosive cleaners or disinfectants.
Make sure that the incubator is connected to a properly rated power cord.


Auto-reading incubator for protein residue testing


Results within 10 minutes.
3 positions for incubation.
Traceability software.
Thermal Printer Results.
User friendly & Confirms with HTM01-01: 2016.
Product Code: MINIPRO.