PRO1Micro Protein Residue Testing

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The Hygiene Monitoring System Chemdye® PRO1 MICRO has been designed to detect proteins and to reduce iatrogenic agents on surgical instruments after their cleaning, in real time. The system has a high absorption swab, that allows collection of samples from different surfaces with high efficacy.
A visual readout of a color change indicates the presence of detectable levels of protein. Chemdye® PRO1 MICRO has high sensitivity and can
detect up to 1.0 ug of protein.


  • The system has a high absorption swab which allows the collection of samples on different types of surfaces with the same efficiency, as well as a reaction solution.
  • Detection limit: 1 ug
  • Sensitivity: 0.3 ug
  • Qualitative analysis: When comparing the color obtained in the solution of the pencil with the reference table, a visual estimation of surface cleaning can be made.
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