PRO1VT – Validation Kit for Protein Testing


PRO1VT - Protein Testing Validation

PRO1VT is designed to validate the efficacy and stability of the PRO1 MICRO Hygiene Monitoring System that allows the quantification of proteins, allergens and reducing agents with high sensitivity on surfaces and difficult-to-access areas after the cleaning process.

Chemdye® PRO1VT Validation Kit consists of a Negative Control Pen (PRO1VTN) and a Positive Control Pen (PRO1VTP) with a defined amount of standard protein, which allows the validation of Chemdye® PRO1 MICRO’s efficiency and stability in Bionova® MiniPro, IC10/20, IC10/20FR or IC10/20FRLCD incubators. Use Chemdye® PRO1 VT Validation Kit when you wish to validate the efficiency and stability of Chemdye® PRO1 MICRO Protein Pen.

Applicable Regulation: ISO 15883-1: 2006 / HTM 01-01: 2016 / HTM 01-05: 2013
Authorization: Designed under Quality Management System standards ISO 13485:2003/NS-EN ISO 13485:2012.


The system has a Negative Control (PRO1VTN) and a Positive Control (PRO1VTP).
The Negative Control (PRO1VTN) consists of a protein free high absorption swab and with a compartmentalized reactive solution.
The Positive Control (PRO1VTP) consists of a high absorption swab with a defined amount of standard protein and a compartmentalized reactive solution.
Pen´s diameter: 12.4 mm; Pen´s length: 163.6 mm; Swab´s length: 107.2 mm.

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