Product Overview

Sychem Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser

Sychem Protect is an alcohol free hand sanitiser and has been tested by the HPA and proven to provide up to 4 hours persistent microbial protection on the skin. Repeated use enables the product to build up a protective microbial barrier on the skins surface minimising cross-infection risk. Moreover, Sychem Protect features built-in moisturising properties so repeated application does not dry or adversely affect the skin like other alcohol-based products do.

Sychem Protect in Healthcare

Sychem Protect alcohol free hand sanitiser is an ideal antiseptic solution for use within a healthcare setting because it is safer and kinder than traditional alcohol hand gels and washes, due to its low level of biocide combined with its adjuvant technology platform which maximises the efficacy of its microbial kill rate. Sychem Protect offers exceptional log reduction performances. It is fragrance-free, can be supplied in multiple applicator sizes and is suitable for use on all skin types. Sychem Protect is alcohol-free and features built-in moisturising properties.

The Protect technology platform is based around the quaternary ammonium compound Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC) with an adjuvant effect to enhance its microbial efficacy.

Why, where, when and how should I use
Sychem Protect?

Why… Hand hygiene is crucial in many industries such as food manufacturing, healthcare and animal husbandry. For example, within hospitals, up to 40% of infections have been attributed to cross-infection via the hands of healthcare workers 6 and hand hygiene within healthcare is a key focus for the World Health Organisation (WHO). Sychem Protect alcohol free hand sanitiser products interrupt the key transmission pathway of the hands (skin) by reducing the bioburden (i.e. number of microbes present) on the skin to its lowest possible level. This reduces the risk of infection, cross infection, contamination, spoilage etc. that may occur as a result of skin contact.
Where… In situations where skin and/or hand hygiene are of paramount importance Sychem Protect alcohol free hand sanitiser provides highly effective skin and hand hygiene solutions.
When… To get the best results Sychem Protect products should be used frequently, i.e. at every point where you would normally sanitise your hands with a gel or rub, simply substitute Sychem Protect products into your hand sanitising protocol. Frequent and thorough hand sanitation with Sychem Protect products will ensure you get the best out of the product and your skin remains as clean as possible for as long as possible.
How… Sychem Protect alcohol free hand sanitiser is very simple to use and will fit seamlessly into your existing hand sanitation/skin cleansing protocols with little or no training required. Where your staff are already trained in the six-step hand sanitising technique there is no need for additional training.
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Product Details

Size (mm): Length: 180 x Width: 140 x Height: 70

Weight: 1kg

Key Benefits

Kills >99.999% bacteria 

Destroys viruses 

Effective against mould/fungi/yeast 


For use in all environments 

Prolonged antimicrobial protection 

Conforms to EN 1500

Pocket-sized 50ml pump bottle

Product Code: SYC-01005010-P

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Additional Information

Sychem Protect is a disinfectant / antiseptic technology platform. It is intended for use as a skin antiseptic and offers safe, effective, user-friendly skin cleansing, disinfection, and sanitation across a wide range of industries.

From healthcare to laboratories, food processing to veterinary science, Sychem Protect is a proven technology safe to use in all associated food, animal, and human environments.

Sychem Protect Hand Sanitiser

High-level broad-spectrum antiseptic hand sanitising foam


Kills >99.999% bacteria and destroys viruses

Effective against mould/fungi/yeast

Alcohol-free and suitable for use in all environments

Prolonged antimicrobial protection and conforms to EN 1500

Pocket-sized 50ml pump bottle

Product Code: SYC-01005010-P

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