Cleaner / Degreaser


What is it

Sanifex is a hard surface concentrated cleaner sanitiser which is ideal for use on hard
surfaces for general cleaning of walls, floors and workstations.
Available sizes and formats;
Wipes and trigger sprays, 6x1 & 4x5 Litre Packs, 10 Litre, 20 Litre
& 200 Litre drum complete with transport bund.


Sanifex can be manually applied. It is a highly effective concentrated hard surface cleaner & sanitiser, that is fully
biodegradable and safe to use on hard services and floors.
It features a blend of surfactants, non-alkali builders and water soluble solvents for cleaning and degreasing
areas. Additionally, the active solution of QAC offers good sanitising properties.
Suitable for use in hard and soft water areas.

How to use

1. On typical applications use 50-100ml per litre of water dependant on soiling level.
For optimum performance use with 50oC water. test on a small area before use.
2. Apply to surface using mop, trigger spray or wipes
3. Allow to air dry

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Additional information

Container Size

10 L, 25 L, 4×5 L Packs

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