SUPER Q 50/50

QAC disinfectant scented

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What is it

A pre-dilute dual quaternary amonium disinfectant ready for use on hard surfaces to
disinfect after pre-cleaning. Synergistically balanced formulation utilising 2
quaternary compounds to enhance each others performance.
Suitable for spray treatments, soak tanks, foot baths and equipment processing, also
suitable for fogging.
Available sizes and formats;
Wipes & 1L trigger sprays, 6x1 & 4x5 Litre Packs, 10 Litre and 20 Litre containers


Super Q 50/50 is manually applied and has a pleasant pear drop scent
(non-scented available upon request). It is active against gram positive
and gram negative bacteria and yeasts with exceptional micro-biocidal properties
in both hard and soft water environments. Used in rotation with Super S 50/50 it
minimises any bacterial resistance build-up.
Super Q 50/50 is phosphate free, biodegradable and solvent free.
Easy to use and versatile by use of mop, cloth, spray, soak and fogging.
Super Q 50/50 features an active 10% solution of Dideycl Dimethyl Amonium and
Alkyl Benzyl Dineethyl Amonium Chloride for excellent germicidal, fungicidal,
bactericidal and virucidal activity.
Biomedical & Laboratory; ideal for use on floors, surfaces, change stations and
directly spraying on to caging in facilities that require a high level of bio-security.
Medical & Veterinary; ideal for use on floors, surfaces and equipment that require
a high level of disinfection.

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25 L

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